United, We Make A Difference

As a member of the REALTOR® Party, you act when called upon to support the REALTOR® Party at the local, state and national levels. Recognizing the importance of REALTORS® speaking with one voice, participating in national and state Calls for Action allows our collective voice to be heard from Capitol Hill to the statehouse.

In addition, participating in community outreach projects and activities sponsored by your state and local associations are great ways for REALTORS® to establish themselves as valuable community assets.

Current Calls for Actions

April, 2024

Call to Action: Stop Transfer Tax Proposals!

Massachusetts legislators are considering a bill that would further reduce housing inventory and raise housing costs in the state by taxing homeowners. Allowing these new taxes would set a dangerous precedent that would damage the housing market and our economy.


As the email to Legislators explains, communities seeking these taxes have blocked housing development and refused available affordable housing funding for decades. Instead of righting these wrongs through existing funding mechanisms and zoning reforms, they want new taxes that protect the status quo, drive down inventory and prevent housing diversity and inclusivity.

TAKE ACTION NOW and send an email to your State Senator and Representative. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS ESSENTIAL to preventing these harmful laws.

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